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    1414The purpose of this system is to interface with the user to specify an analysis type, such as the Genetic Algorithm (GA) or Two Dimensional Spectrum Analysis (2DSA), as well as the needed parameters for the analysis to the HPC system.  After the user specifies the needed data, the data is packaged into a common data directory, For this analysis request LIMS creates a new GUID, associates it with the analysis data, and creates a new record in the HPCAnalysisRequest database table. This record is the parent record for everything relating to this HPC analysis, and this GUID serves as the common identifier of this analysis. For instance, this GUID is the name of the subdirectory in the common data directory where all the files relating to this particular analysis are stored when the job is submitted to the HPC system. Another example: LIMS prepends the string "US3-" to this guid and it becomes the gfacID, used by the GFAC system to identify the job, and used in the listen script and grid control program to identify the job. The database name and gfacID is how the grid control program associates the HPC job with the analysis request record in the LIMS database.
    16 == Contents of the data directory ==
     16== Contents of the common data directory ==
    1818|| Contents of file              || File name                                  ||