Basic requirements for the US3 reporting system:

  • each analysis method has multiple types of result outputs that need to be able to be incorporated in the report, such as rich formatted text for result report files, tables, spreadsheets for import into excel and other plotting programs, png bitmap images, and scalable vector graphics editable graph images
  • all elements of the report should be stored in the LIMS database where they can be queried in a systematic fashion. All elements should be stored with file names that follow a standard naming convention system.
  • a user should be able to compose a customized report by selecting the desired elements from the report to show in a final document.
  • the document system could be XML based. We should investigate the open document format as a possible format for saving documents so they can be imported easily into Microsoft word and OpenOffice? applications.

Notes from Gary:

  • I think you can look at one of my reports directories on bcf to see what kinds of files are currently produced by some of the US3 applications: bcf:~gegorbet/ultrascan/reports/demo1_veloc

The general outline is as follows.

  • All produce an HTML file with formatted text. These mostly come from some methods in the US_AnalysisBase2 class.

  • Selected plots from the application are dumped. Most of those from US_PLot GUI elements are saved as SVG plots. This was as per Borries's desire to have vector plots that could be edited after the fact for presentations. Curve colors, scales, fonts, etc. can thus be changed by an external graphics file editor.
  • A few of the plots output are in PNG format. These are mostly those that are in essence raster format that couldn't be scaled anyway.
  • As you can see by the contents of my bcf ~/ultrascan/reports/demo1_veloc directory, the various applications have different naming conventions that need standardizing. The files you see in this directory come from Dcdt, FeMatch?, and 2dsa.
  • As I mentioned before, any AnalysisBase2-based application - like dcdt or second_moment - should have a View Data Report button and a Save Data button that will produce some or all of the report files.
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