Workshop Preparation Tasks

Workshop for June 2-6, 2011

  • Get everyone set up with software before workshop begins
  • Using Windows and Mac versions
    • double-check licensing issues on Mac architecture
    • work with both Mac Intel and PPC
    • Windows version encryption issues (done)
  • Lims setup and database setup
    • Set up beforehand
    • One database for each institution
    • Set up lims for each
    • Print out a sheet of paper with credentials for each user to log in to their LIMS instance
  • Set up all data types we're going to be using
  • Test all data types through to 2DSA and GA submit
  • Set up a few laptops with ultrascan3 for emergencies
    • Agree on a final version of the software

  • Create a new icon for Windows version of ultrascan3 ( done )
  • Need both versions ( 2 and 3 ) of ultrascan software.
    • SOMO uses QWT
    • Test running US2 and US3 together on Windows and Mac
    • Consider removing license from SOMO and running under US3

There are 2 new binaries in !UltraScan2 that generate us3_config and us3_somo, both of which will run without the UltraScan-2 license manager, and are supposed to be included now with !UltraScan3. Also added are the latest somo config files to svn of $ULTRASCAN3/etc. There is some documentation to the US3 wiki that explains what else needs to be packaged (library dependencies, rasmol, rasmol.hlp) with !UltraScan3 in order to be able to run SOMO from US3. Also included is us_config from US2 since this is needed to set up file paths for somo. Links to these programs have been added from the main US3 screen so users can access them easily.

The documentation for the packaging of somo with us3 needs to be checked and tested on different platforms. Please edit the document at:

SOMO2 integration into UltraScan3

after testing it carefully.

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