!UltraScan3 needs a copy of SOMO. Until we are able to port somo to Qt4, we need to patch the !UltraScan3 distribution with !UltraScan2 versions of SOMO (us_hydrodyn) and US2 config (us_config), which is needed by us_hydrodyn. Since we do not want to deal with US2 licensing, the license manager needs to be stripped from both binaries and we need to distribute the /etc/somo* configuration files as well.

I have added 2 new directories to the !UltraScan2 versions of config and somo, and called them us3_hydrodyn and us3_config. They build binaries called us3_config and us3_somo. These programs will be called from the main us3 program as independent processes. They will not need a license file from !UltraScan2.

When packaging these programs, we need to make sure that the following items and compilation steps are included:

  1. compile !UltraScan2 us3_config and us3_hydrodyn
  2. copy $ULTRASCAN2/bin/us3_config to $ULTRASCAN3/bin/us3_config
  3. copy $ULTRASCAN2/bin/us3_somo to $ULTRASCAN3/bin/us3_somo
  4. copy $ULTRASCAN2/bin/rasmol to $ULTRASCAN3/bin/rasmol
  5. copy $ULTRASCAN2/bin/rasmol.hlp to $ULTRASCAN3/bin/rasmol.hlp
  6. archive copy $ULTRASCAN2/lib/* to $ULTRASCAN3/lib (filenames may be different for Win and Mac)
  7. archive copy $QWT/lib/* to $ULTRASCAN3/lib, making sure there is no name clobbering with qwt from qt4
  8. archive copy $QWTPLOT3D/lib/qwt*so.* to $ULTRASCAN3/lib (filenames may be different for Win and Mac)
  9. archive copy needed libs from Qt3 to $ULTRASCAN3/lib (check which ones are needed for each platform - needs updating here)
  10. make sure $ULTRASCAN3/etc/somo.* files are included
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