Priorities for porting US-2 to US-3:

  1. Implementation of new database and database interface GUI. This work involves building all stored MySQL procedures needed to communicate with the US-3 database tables listed on the main US-3 Wiki page for

The user should be able to enter the entire experimental project plus all ancillary data via the US3 GUI and upload the edited data into the database.

Subtasks: porting of the extinction fitter, so intrinsic absorption curves can be saved to the analyte tables.

  1. Implementation of new finite element models. This work involves integrating the femglobal classes into all modules that exchange model information, including the model builder, the astfem simulator, the finite element model viewers, pseudo-3d distributions, GA initializer, and the HPC backend modules for simulating and fitting finite element solutions.


  • I/O of model structures to disk and memory,
  • integration of MySQL HPCAnalysis tables that hold model information and all HPC related statistics,
  • local implementation of 2DSA on multi-core architectures.

Milestone 1: alpha release for testing of

  • editing,
  • data upload,
  • finite element fitting and
  • I/O of models from database and disk.

Testing of distributions for Win32, Linux/X11 and Mac Aqua, data analysis reports.

  1. van Holde Weischet analysis
  1. Equilibrium analysis
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