Notes on building an UltraScan III install package for Windows

I. Summary of steps

  • Update source (svn up)
  • Build revision (
  • Copy to package directories (
  • Build a package (CreateInstall)
  • Upload install package file to download site (

II. Build environment

  • Build is done on biochem-vm's VM called Windows7-minGW-US3
  • User is "Admin"
  • Three windows normally opened:
    • A Cygwin window at /cygdrive/c/Users/Documents/ultrascan3 ("Cygwin1")
    • An MSYS window at /c/Users/Admin/Documents/ultrascan3 ("MSYS")
    • A Cygwin window /cygdrive/c/setups ("Cygwin2")
  • If these three windows need to be opened, each should be opened using a right-mouse-click on the icon (Cygwin or MSYS) and release on "Run as administrator"
  • The first Cygwin window (Cygwin1) can be put at the right location with:
          $ cd $us3
  • Because Cygwin and minGW are different environments, some commands may be required to be issued first in Cygwin1 and then in MSYS.

III. Update source

  • From Cygwin1:
          $ svn up

IV. Build revision

  • From Cygwin1:
          $ ./
  • Then, from MSYS:
          $ ./
  • Upon build completion, test for errors with:
          $ testbuild

V. Copy to package directories

  • From Cygwin1:
          $ ./

VI. Build a package

  • Double click on the desktop "CreateInstall Free" icon
  • From its window, change the revision part (e.g., "1680") of the Setup Executable: text.
  • Start a build with Setup -> Make .
  • When it completes, quit with Project -> Exit .

VII. Upload install package file to download site

  • Select the Cygwin2 window (if need be, "cd c:/setups").
  • Upload the latest with:
          $ ./ 1680

( where "1680" is replaced with the current revision number; a password for gegorbet@uslims3 may be required )

  • Move the previous revision to the archive folder; e.g,
          $ mv *1679* archive/
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