Notes on building an UltraScan III install package for Mac

I. Summary of steps

  • Update source (svn up)
  • Build revision (
  • Copy to package directories (
  • Build a package (PackageMaker)
  • Create a disk image (Disk Utility)
  • Copy help and Installer to image (Finder)
  • Compress the image (Finder)
  • Upload compressed image to download site (

II. Build environment

  • Build is done on (formerly, Jeremy's Mac)
  • VNC password is "straight" (admin password is different)
  • Two windows normally opened:
    • A Finder window at /Users/garygorbet/us3/pkg
    • A Terminal window at /Users/garygorbet/us3/ultrascan3

III. Update source

  • In Terminal, you can insure the proper location (~/us3/ultrascan3) with:
          > cd $us3
  • Then get the lastest revision's source:
          > svn up

IV. Build revision

  • From the terminal window:
          > ./
  • Once the full build completes, test for errors with:
          > testbuild

V. Copy to package directories

  • From the terminal window:
          > ./
  • The admin password will be required (mac-mini-bcf)

VI. Build a package

  • From the Finder window at ~/us3/pkg, double-click on the "UltraScanIII" PackageMaker Document icon.
  • Click the "Build" button in the upper left of the PackageMaker window.
  • The package build will take a while.
  • When it completes, release on PM's File->Save menu item.
  • Then, click on the Install button and do a test install.
    • Be sure to install for all users
    • You will need to use the admin password
  • When install is complete, quit (PackageMaker -> Quit)
  • Test basic install and function by clicking "us" in the Dock.

VII. Create a disk image

  • Open Disk Utility from the Dock.
  • Click on the "New Image" button.
  • Fill in the Save As: text (e.g., "us3-Mac-1680-1932")
  • Fill in the Name: text (e.g., "UltraScan III Mac revision 1680-1932")
  • Select a Size: value (177 MB)
  • Click on the "Create" button.
  • When create is complete, quit (Disk Utility -> Quit)

VIII. Copy help file and Installer to image

  • Open an additional Finder window (File -> New Finder Window)
  • Navigate to the new disk image by clicking on the "UltraScan III ..." icon in the left panel of the new Finder window.
  • Copy two files by drag-and-drop from the "pkg" Finder window to the new disk image Finder window:
    • "Read Me First" (rtf file); and
    • "UltraScanIII" (the Installer package).
  • When the copies complete, close the disk image Finder window by clicking on the UP arrow next to the "UltraScan III..." icon in the left panel.

IX. Compress the image

  • Change the location in the remaining Finder window to Desktop, by clicking on Desktop in the left panel.
  • Drag the *.zip file on the desktop to the dmg-archive folder.
  • Right-mouse-button click on the *.dmg file and release on

"Compress ..."

  • When the compress completes, highlight the *.dmg file and drag it to the Trash.
  • Select Trash in the dock and empty it.
  • Re-select "pkg" from the left panel of the Finder window.

X. Upload compressed image to download site

  • Select the Terminal window.
  • Type
          > 1680

( where "1680" is replaced with the current revision number )

  • You may need to give a password (for gegorbet@uslims3).
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