Notes on building an UltraScan III install package for Linux (32- and 64-bit)

I. Summary of steps

  • Update source (svn up)
  • Build revision (
  • Copy to package directories (
  • Upload gzipped tar file to download site (

II. Build environment

  • Build is done on Gary's home Linux machine (32-bit) and on either Bcf or Alamo (64-bit).
  • The same scripts are used for building 32-bit and 64-bit; the scripts determine which to build based on current machine information.

III. Update source

  • In a terminal, insure the proper location (~/ultrascan3) with:
          > cdus
  • Then get the lastest revision's source:
          > svn up

IV. Build revision

  • From the terminal:
          > ./
  • Once the full build completes, test for errors with:
          > testbuild

V. Copy to package directories

  • From the terminal:
          > ./

VI. Upload gzipped tar file to download site

  • Type
          > cd ../us3pkg
          > ./ 1680

( where "1680" is replaced with the current revision number )

  • You may need to give a password (for gegorbet@uslims3).
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