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  UltraScan II                                     UltraScan III

    Dataset Info
      Velocity Data 
      Equilibrium Data 
    Export Data
      Velocity Data 
      Equilibrium Data 
    Print Data
      Velocity Data 
      Equilibrium Data 
    Generate Report
      Velocity Data 
      Equilibrium Data 
      Equilibrium Fitting Project 
      Monte Carlo Project 
    Configuration                               us_config (move to Edit)
    Administrator                               us_config
    Exit                                        close()

    Velocity Data                    
      Absorbance Data                           us_edit
      Interference Data
      Fluorescence Data
      Edit Cell ID's
    Equilibrium Data                            us_edit
      Absorbance Data
      Interference Data
      Fluorescence Data
      Edit Cell ID's
    Edit Wavelength Data
    View/Edit Multiwavelength Data

    Enhanced van-Holde - Weischet               us_vhw_enhanced
    2-D Spectrum Analysis                       us_2dsa
    Finite Element (DUD)
    Distribution Analysis
    Finite Element Model Viewer                 us_fematch
    Initialize GA Grid                          us_ga_init                        
    Second Moment                               us_second_moment
    Time Derivative                             us_dcdt
    Radial Derivative                           us_dcdt
    C(s) Analysis

    Suggest Best Speed
    Estimate Equilibrium Times
    Global Fit
    Log(C) vs. r^2

  Global Fit
    Global Equilibrium Fit                      us_globalequil
    Global Extinction Fit
    Global Spectrum Fit

    Archive Manager
    Re-order Scanfiles from 2 Directories
    Merge Scanfiles from 2 Directories
    Convert Intensity to Pseudo-Absorbance
    Edit Cell ID (Velocity)
    Edit Cell ID (Equilibrium)
    Copy Velocity Run
    Copy Equilibrium Run
    RI/TI Noise Subtraction from Velocity Run
    Update Meniscus for Velocity Run
    Combine Distribution Data
      Combine G/g(s) Distribution Plots (vHW)
      Combine G/g(MW) Distributions (vHW)
      Combine discrete s20,W Distributions
      Combine discrete MW distributions
      Combine discrete D Distributions
      Combine Pseudo-3D Distributions                   us_pseudo3d_combine
      Create Global Distributions
    Scan Diagnostics
    Calculate DNA/RNA MW
    Buffer Corrections
    Calculate Protein MW and vbar
    Start Anton Paar DMA 60
    Gradient Color Editor                               us_colorgradient
    Global Extinction Fit
                                                        us_meniscus_fit (new)

    Finite Element Simulation
    New ASTFEM Simulation                               us_astfem_rsa
    Equilibrium Simulation                              
    Estimate Equilibrium Times                          us_equiltime
    Self-Association Equilibrium                        us_sassoc
    Model s, D and f from MW for 4 basic shapes         us_predict1
    Predict f and axial ratios for 4 basic shapes       us_predict2
    SOMO Bead Modeling

    Commit Data to DB                                   
      Investigator                                      us_investigator
      Buffer us_buffer_db                               us_buffer
      Peptide                                           us_analyte
      Nucleotide Sequence                               us_analyte
      Experimental Data                                 us_manage_data (us_convert)
      Result Data
        Velocity Data                                   
        Equilibrium Data                                
        Equilibrium Fitting Project                     
        MonteCarlo Project 
    Retrieve Experimental Data from DB                  
      Edit Type 
    Project Info                                        us_manage_data
      Project Request                                   us_manage_data 
      Project Status                                    us_manage_data
      Images                                            us_manage_data
      Sample Info                                       N/A
      Run Request 
    Initialize Database Template                        ???

    UltraScan Home                                      us_help
    UltraScan Manual                                    us_help
    Register Software                                   us_help
    Upgrade UltraScan                                   us_help
    UltraScan License                                   us_help 
    About                                               messagebox
    Credits                                             messagebox
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