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Monitoring and Manage OGCE Services

This will help you monitor ultrascan 3 services and provide information to manage those services.

OGCE Services :

All the service are deployed on and use ultrascan account to ssh to this server. Service location and start/stop information is described below. Services are monitored using nagios service.

  1. OGCE-Ultrascan REST bridge service: REST service is deployed to a Tomcat server and it runs on 8080 port. You can test the services using OGCE REST Service information.

Location: /home/ultrascan/ogce-all-uscan/US3RestServices/apache-tomcat-7.0.6 Start/Stop?:

cd /home/ultrascan/ogce-all-uscan/US3RestServices/apache-tomcat-7.0.6
> ./bin/ (to start)
> ./bin/ (to stop)

Log file: ./logs/catalina.out