MWRS Raw Data Multi-Wavelength Radial Scans file

The MWRS file of Multi-Wavelength Radial Scans is a binary file for recording intensity (or absorbance x 10000) readings. An individual file exists for each scan of each channel of each cell. The naming convention for each such file is as follows:

   <runID>.<cell>.<channel>.<description>.<scanx>.mwrs ;





File Format

Current (version 1.4) internal binary MWRS format:

   cell           1 byte. Integer. Cell number.
   channel        1 byte. ASCII.   Channel ('A'-'H').
   scan           2 byte. Integer. Scan number.
   set speed      2 byte. Integer. Set speed in RPM.
   speed          2 byte. Integer. Measured speed in RPM.
   temperature    2 byte. Integer. Temperature x 10.
   omega^2t       4 byte. Float.   Omega-squared-T.
   seconds        4 byte. Integer. Elapsed scan time in seconds.
   radius count   2 byte. Integer. Count of radius points.
   radius start   2 byte. Integer. Radius start x 1000.
   radius step    2 byte. Integer. Radius increment x 10000.
   lambda count   2 byte. Integer. Count of wavelengths.
   lambda[ lambda count ]
     lambda       2 byte. Integer. Wavelength value in nm.
   wdata[ lambda count ]           Wavelength data sections
     rdata[ radius count ]         Radii-in-lambda data section
       intensity  4 byte. Integer. Intensity reading or
           (take_intensity="N") Absorbance x 10000.

Binary format notes

Note that all binary numeric fields are stored in big-endian format in the files. Character data is 8-bit ASCII. Float formats are in IEEE-754 format.

Settings file

In addition to MWRS files for each cell,channel,scan; there is an accompanying XML file with descriptive information. The naming convention for this file is:



   1093.setting.mwrs.xml .

Below is one example of the contents of such a file. The version= value in the settings_mwrs_experiment tag is the file format version. The runID tag's take_intensity= value is set to "N" if the data is Absorbance, in which case readings values in the binary file will have been scaled by 10000. In the channel tags, sample= values are effectively description fields.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<settings_mwrs_experiment version="1.4">
 <runID name="1093" speed_mode="N" take_intensity="Y">
  <cell id="01">
   <channel id="A" sample="Sample 1 A"/>
   <channel id="B" sample="none"/>
  <cell id="02">
   <channel id="A" sample="Sample 2 A"/>
   <channel id="B" sample="none"/>
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