Build UltraScan III on Supercomputer

  1. Build qt4

Transfer the file qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz to the supercomputer and extract it. Issues have been reported with qt 4.8.x. Build with:

./configure -prefix ~/us3/qt4   \
            -nomake examples   \
            -nomake demos      \
            -opensource        \
            -no-qt3support     \
            -no-multimedia     \
            -no-phonon         \
            -no-phonon-backend \
            -no-svg            \
            -no-webkit         \
            -no-javascript-jit \
            -no-script         \
            -no-scripttools    \
            -no-nis            \
            -no-cups           \
            -no-iconv          \
            -no-dbus           \
make install

Qt4 takes a lot of space. The tarball is 154M. Even on a fast system, this takes a lot of time. The files will be installed in ~/us3/qt4.

  • All directories there except bin, include, lib, and mkspecs can be deleted.
  • All files in bin except moc, qmake, qtconfig, and rcc can be deleted.
  • All libraries except libQtCore, libQtNetwork, libQtXml, libQtXmlPatterns, and pkgconfig can be deleted.

Note that in the future, we may want to add -release to the configure options.

Ensure that ~/us3/qt4/bin is in the PATH.

  1. Build us3
cd ~
svn checkout svn:// us3
cd us3
cp local.pri.template local.pri

Edit local.pri to ensure the line 'DEFINES += NO_DB' is not commented out.

cd ../utils

Ensure that ~/us3/lib and ~/us3/qt/lib are in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

At this point the us_mpi_analysis program should be built. Check the file to find the appropriate mpi libraries.

The build process should go something like:

cd ~/us3/programs/us_mpi_analysis

This mirrors the standard US3 program build methodology.

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