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#359 fixed us_fematch - simulations appear not to be threaded gegorbet demeler

I monitored the CPU usage on two of my dual core systems and noticed that adjusting the number of threads between 1 and 2 has no effect on the simulations, always only 1 CPU is used. Can these simulations be multi-threaded?

#358 worksforme Print button does not work gegorbet uma

When I try to print the data plots from enhanced VW analysis, the print button does not pop-up a window, it does not do anything at all. I am using the ultrascanIII V1.0 (revision 1373), on a windows XP OS. This happened on a couple of other computers as well. One is a macOSX V10 and the Ultrascan III installed on this computer is V1.0 revision 1339. The third computer that had this issue has Windows 7 and UltrascanIII V1.0 revision 1363. The dataset that was being analyzed was nucleosome arrays in the presence and absence of NAP-1 protein in a low salt buffer (50mM NaCl?). Thank you Uma

#357 fixed US3, RasMol, OS 10.6.7 & Intel Core i7 gegorbet olwyn

Hi Folks,

I just downloaded US3 revision 1373 for OSX and found that the disconnect with RasMol? is still there. So, just a reminder of how Gary advised me to fix it:

  1. open /Applications/ultrascan3/somo/bin
  1. double-click on the various versions of RasMol? that you should find there


rasmol rasmol-Lion rasmol-ppc rasmol.hlp

What you'll probably find is that rasmol-ppc is the only version that works properly.

  1. Make a copy of this file. Move it to a completely different folder. Rename it rasmol.
  1. Return to /Applications/ultrascan3/somo/bin and delete the original rasmol.
  1. Replace it with the renamed version you moved to a different folder.
  1. Restart US3 and RasMol? should work fine.

You might want to include this work around in your "known issues" section

Best wishes, Olwyn

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