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#285 fixed 'Manage Spectrum' problems gegorbet dhalling

I am trying to enter extinction coefficients under ‘Manage Spectrum’ for two different analytes. After I enter one set of values, I ‘accept’ and ‘save analyte’ I proceed to the next analyte to enter values. The other analytes values are already there. When I change the values for one, it changes for the other as well. Thus it is impossible to enter distinct spectral values for different analytes. I also noticed that when the values for manage spectrum are saved, the same values are put into all analytes.

#253 fixed 'manage data' menu broken in linux 1114 version gegorbet rcarney

I don't know if it is just on my computer, but the link seems to be broken for me. the box opens for a split second and closes immediately. all other menu functionality seems to be working fine.

linux 32 version 1114

#346 fixed 2 additional pseudo-3d pre-filter combine issues gegorbet demeler
  1. Clicking on "Reset" does not reset the runID prefilter
  1. For admins, it is not possible to choose the data from a different user in the pre-filter selection window. Right now, one would have to choose the user through "Load Distribution" first, which defeats the purpose of the pre-filter. I think adding a user-selection widget to the prefilter dialog will take care of this.
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