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#369 wontfix Fit Meniscus Problem Konrad Loehr Konrad Loehr

Dear UltraScan? developers and users,

I have an issue with the Fit Meniscus Function. After performing a 2DSA analysis similar to the Ultrascan III Seminar 10/06/11 (see, the "Fit Meniscus" component of Ultrascan wasn't able to identify a minimum. The fitted curve for the rmsd values was monotonically increasing with radius. So I did a 2DSA analyses to fit the meniscus over almost the top third of the cell. With the same result: The ideal meniscus position is expected at a much too low radius, see pictures (I can hopefully attach after creating the ticket).

Another issue, probably connected to the Meniscus Fit: After converting my Beckman Raw Intensity Data to "Pseudo Absorbance Data", the Absorbance above the meniscus is slightly negative. That makes sense, due to the fact that air has a lower extinction coefficient than water, which is used as reference. But when i look at the video of the ultrascan seminar, you get usually a value around 0, which suggests that water and air have the same extinction coefficient. Why is that?

PS: The data is generated with a Multiwavelength Detector. (I'm working with Johannes Walter at the University of Erlangen on an AUC similar to Helmut Cölfens)

PPS: The dataset from which the pictures are taken is attached as well (0.75 g/L BSA in 25 mmol NaCl? at 55 krpm and 280 nm)

#353 invalid Problems with convert legacy data dzollars Marius Schmid

hi, I can't upload a dataset with convert leagacy data. I first get the message it's done, but afterwards I get an error and can't save the edit of the data. the Error says something like: Unspecified database error: Error returned writing cell record: MySQL error deleting experiment 34 My SQL: the specified report does not exist Hope you can help me with this. I never had a problem with this befor.

#355 invalid No Dataedeting possible dzollars Marius Schmid

I converted my legacy data, but every time i load it in the edit programm i can't see any scan. I got the data from our MWL AUC but took only one wavelenght for the Ultrascan calculation. In Convert legacy i can see all the scans. Hope you can help me.

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