Installing UltraScan on a WIN32 Platform

  1. Download the WIN32 version of UltraScan from and store it in any convenient location such as 'My Documents' or your Desktop.
  1. Double click the program to begin installation. The system files may be installed in any convenient

location, but the default is C:\Program Files\UltraScan. A newer version of UltraScan can be installed over an older version without problems.

  1. Start the program by using the icon that is installed on the desktop. It will begin the registration process. If a valid registration file is not available, you will need to retrieve a license from and a registration file will be sent to your e-mail. This file has an attachment, which you can download into a suitable folder on your computer. Use the "Email Import" feature to import this file into the registration dialog and save. Close the registration dialog and restart UltraScan.
  1. The default location for user files is $USERPROFILE\ultrascan\. Most directories can be customized from the File->Configuration menu item, but UltraScan needs to find the usrc.conf and uslicense files in $USERPROFILE\ultrascan\etc\.

$USERPROFRILE is set by Windows and should not be changed.

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