UltraScan Menus

The first level menus are laid out horizontally. All other menus are laid out vertically.

The format below is in the format:

menu item function in us_win.cpp -> what the function does

In the functions below, class means that functionality is incorporated into a class instantiation, process means that an external process is run. Other functions are handled within us_win.cpp directly.

An asterisk (*) indicates WIN32 function is complete, but there may be some additional testing required.

    Dataset Info*
      Velocity Data*                 open_veloc()          -> class Data_Control_W(1) 
      Equilibrium Data*              open_equil()          -> class Data_Control_W(2) 
    Export Data*
      Velocity Data*                 export_V()            -> class US_Export_Veloc 
      Equilibrium Data*              export_E              -> class US_Export_Equil 
    Print Data*
      Velocity Data*                 print_V()             -> class US_Print_Veloc 
      Equilibrium Data*              print_E()             -> class US_Print_Veloc 
    Generate Report*
      Velocity Data*                 report_V()            -> class US_Report_Veloc 
      Equilibrium Data*              report_E()            -> class US_Report_Equil 
      Equilibrium Fitting Project*   report_EP()           -> class US_Report_EquilProject 
      Monte Carlo Project*           report_MC()           -> class US_Report_MonteCarlo 
    Configuration*                   config()              -> process us_config 
    Administrator*                   admin()               -> process us_admin 
    Exit*                            quit()                -> close()

    Velocity Data*                    
      Absorbance Data*               veloc_absorbance()    -> process us_edvabs
      Interference Data*             veloc_interference()  -> process us_edvint
      Fluorescence Data*             veloc_fluorescence()  -> process us_edvflo
      Edit Cell ID's*                edit_cell_id_veloc()  -> class Data_Control_W(9)
    Equilibrium Data*
      Absorbance Data*               equil_absorbance()    -> process us_edeabs
      Interference Data*             equil_interference()  -> process us_edeint
      Fluorescence Data*             equil_fluorescence()  -> process us_edeflo
      Edit Cell ID's*                edit_cell_id_equil()  -> class Data_Control_W(10)
    Edit Wavelength Data             editWavelength()      -> process us_editwavelength
    View/Edit Multiwavelength Data   viewmwl()             -> process us_viewmwl

    Enhanced van-Holde - Weischet    vhw_enhanced()        -> process us_vhwenhanced
    2-D Specrtum Analysis            sa2d(  )              -> process us_sa2d
    Finite Element (DUD)             finite_element_dud()  -> process us_findat
    Distribution Analysis            cofdistro()           -> process us_cofdistro
    Finite Element Model Viewer      fematch()             -> process us_fematch
    Initialize GA Grid               ga_initialize()       -> process us_gainit
    Second Moment                    secm()                -> process us_secdat
    Time Derivative                  dcdt()                -> process us_dcdtdat
    Radial Derivative                dcdr()                -> process us_dcdrdat
    C(s) Analysis                    cofs()                -> process us_cofs

    Suggest Best Speed               predict()             -> process us_equilspeed
    Estimate Equilibrium Times       equiltime()           -> process us_equiltime
    Global Fit                       global_fit()          -> process us_globalequil
    Log(C) vs. r^2                   lnc()                 -> process us_lncr2

  Global Fit
    Global Equilibrium Fit           global_fit()          -> process us_globalequil (dup)
    Global Extinction Fit            calc_extinction()     -> process us_extinction
    Global Spectrum Fit              spectrum()            -> process us_spectrum

    Archive Manager                               archive()            -> process us_archive
    Re-order Scanfiles from 2 Directories         reorder()            -> process us_reorder
    Merge Scanfiles from 2 Directories            merge()              -> process us_merge
    Convert Intensity to Pseudo-Absorbance        pseudoabs()          -> process us_pseudoabs
    Edit Cell ID (Velocity)*                      edit_cell_id_veloc() -> class Data_Control_W(9)  (dup)
    Edit Cell ID (Equilibrium)*                   edit_cell_id_equil() -> class Data_Control_W(10) (dup)
    Copy Velocity Run*                            copy_run_veloc()     -> class Data_Control_W(11)
    Copy Equilibrium Run*                         copy_run_equil()     -> class Data_Control_W(12)
    RI/TI Noise Subtraction from Velocity Run*    riti_veloc()         -> class Data_Control_W(31)
    Update Meniscus for Velocity Run*             meniscus_veloc()     -> class Data_Control_W(32)
    Combine Distribution Data
      Combine G/g(s) Distribution Plots (vHW)     combine()            -> process us_combine
      Combine G/g(MW) Distributions (vHW)         combine_mw()         -> process us_combine_mw
      Combine discrete s20,W Distributions        combine_cofs()       -> process us_cofs_combine
      Combine discrete MW distributions           combine_cofmw()      -> process us_cofmw_combine
      Combine discrete D Distributions            combine_cofd()       -> process us_cofd_combine
      Combine Pseudo-3D Distributions             pseudo3d_combine()   -> process us_pseudo3d_combine
      Create Global Distributions                 create_global()      -> process us_create_global
    Scan Diagnostics                              diagnostics()        -> process us_diagnostics
    Calculate DNA/RNA MW                          calc_nucleotide()    -> process us_calcnucleotide
    Buffer Corrections                            calc_hydro()         -> process us_calcnucleotide
    Calculate Protein MW and vbar                 calc_protein()       -> process us_vbar
    Start Anton Paar DMA 60                       us_dma60()           -> process us_dma60
    Gradient Color Editor                         us_colorgradient()   -> process us_colorgradient
    Global Extinction Fit                         calc_extinction()    -> process us_extinction

    Finite Element Simulation                     simulate()           -> process us_finsim
    New ASTFEM Simulation                         us_astfem_sim()      -> process us_astfem_sim
    Equilibrium Simulation                        equilibrium()        -> process us_equilsim
    Estimate Equilibrium Times                    equiltime()          -> process us_equiltime
    Self-Association Equilibrium                  sassoc()             -> process us_sassoc
    Model s, D and f from MW for 4 basic shapes   model1()             -> process us_predict1
    Predict f and axial ratios for 4 basic shapes model2()             -> process us_predict2
    SOMO Bead Modeling                            hydrodyn()           -> process us_hydrodyn

    Commit Data to DB*
      Investigator*                  investigator_db()     -> process us_db_tbl_investigator 
      Buffer*                        buffer_db()           -> process us_buffer_db 
      Peptide*                       vbar_db()             -> process us_vbar_db 
      Nucleotide Sequence*           nucleotide_db()       -> process us_nucleotide_db 
      Experimental Data*             expdata_db()          -> process us_expdata_db 
      Result Data*
        Velocity Data*               db_rst_veloc()        -> process us_db_veloc 
        Equilibrium Data*            db_rst_equil()        -> process us_db_equil 
        Equilibrium Fitting Project* db_rst_equilproject() -> process us_db_rst_equilproject 
        MonteCarlo Project*          db_rst_montecarlo()   -> process us_db_rst_montecarlo 
    Retrieve Experimental Data from DB*
      Investigator*                  rtv_investigator()    -> process us_db_rtv_investigator 
      Date*                          rtv_date()            -> process us_db_rtv_date 
      Description*                   rtv_description()     -> process us_db_rtv_description 
      Edit Type*                     rtv_edittype()        -> process us_db_rtv_edittype 
    Project Info* 
      Project Request*               rtv_request()         -> process us_db_rtv_request 
      Project Status*                rtv_requeststatus()   -> process us_db_rtv_requeststatus 
      Images*                        rtv_image()           -> process us_db_rtv_image 
      Sample Info*                   rtv_sample()          -> process us_db_rtv_sample 
      Run Request*                   rtv_runrequest()      -> process us_db_rtv_runrequest 
    Initialize Database Template*    db_template()         -> process us_db_template 

    UltraScan Home*                  us_home()             -> class US_Help
    UltraScan Manual*                help()                -> class US_Help 
    Register Software*               us_register()         -> class US_Help 
    Upgrade UltraScan*               us_upgrade()          -> class US_Help 
    UltraScan License*               us_license()          -> class US_Help 
    About*                           about()               -> Messagebox
    Credits*                         credits()             -> Messagebox 
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