Data Flows

The data within UltraScan is generally concerned with both files and an external database. The files are found in:

The system executables, shared libraries/dlls, other system-wide data

Subdirectories include:

  • bin/
  • lib/
  • etc/
  • images/

User specific data. On Windows, this directory is $HOME/ultrascan. The home directory is specified in the code in an OS independent way via the Qt QDir::homeDirPath () function.

Subdirectories include:

  • data/
  • reports/
  • archive/
  • results/

Configuration files are:

  • usrc.conf
  • uscolorsconf.bin
  • usdbconf.bin
  • uslicense


Raw data is imported to the local system from the database via the program us_db_rtv_investigator. This program extracts meta data from the database table tblExpData and from there uses the library class US_ExpData_DB to get more data from tblCell and the raw data from tblRawExpData.

Data extracted is placed in TBD

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