Oct 13, 2007:

3:20 AM Ticket #10 (Field name change) closed by bdubbs
fixed: Fixed and committed in revision 12.
3:18 AM Ticket #2 (General text rule) closed by bdubbs
fixed: These requirements have been incorporated into the data input functions.
3:16 AM Ticket #4 (New input fields) closed by bdubbs
fixed: This data was put into the Wiki. There is no no code that this issue …
3:14 AM DataTable edited by bdubbs
2:55 AM WikiStart edited by bdubbs
2:47 AM Changeset [12] by dubbs
Changed date input fields to allow text input; Changed some field …
2:45 AM Ticket #11 (Data reference field) closed by bdubbs
fixed: The input field has been changed from 40 to 80 characters.

Oct 12, 2007:

7:21 PM Ticket #12 (Primer positions) created by Wickes
This is sort of a tricky issue, we might need to chat, but here it is. …
6:59 PM Ticket #11 (Data reference field) created by Wickes
Can we make this field alot wider. Much of the data are literature …
6:57 PM Ticket #10 (Field name change) created by Wickes
Change field name "Collection ID:" to "Culture Collection ID:"

Oct 11, 2007:

9:18 PM Ticket #9 (Collection date field range) created by Wickes
Dates should be able to go back to the 1800's. I have one record in …

Oct 10, 2007:

5:35 PM Ticket #8 (Type information field) closed by bdubbs
fixed: This was a typo. It was updating the typeInfo field with the value of …
4:52 PM Ticket #8 (Type information field) created by Wickes
I am editing records, but when I look at the Type Information field, …
4:39 PM Ticket #7 (Contributor field) created by Wickes
For contributor, can we make a pull down menu similar to the specimen …
4:30 PM Ticket #6 (Edit function) created by Wickes
When you go to the edit page and see that table, we definitely need to …
4:17 AM Ticket #5 (Data Entry Issues) closed by bdubbs
fixed: All changes have been made and seem to work according to my testing.
1:40 AM Changeset [11] by dubbs
Use 'Genbank Accession Number' as field title
1:37 AM Ticket #5 (Data Entry Issues) created by bdubbs
1. Collections date should be optional, not mandatory 2. Date Fields …

Oct 4, 2007:

3:46 AM Changeset [10] by dubbs
Finish update.php and change some spelling

Oct 3, 2007:

5:22 AM Changeset [9] by dubbs
Intermediate update

Oct 1, 2007:

10:27 PM Changeset [8] by dubbs
Add images to repository
10:24 PM Changeset [7] by dubbs
Add config.php.template for completeness
10:22 PM Changeset [6] by dubbs
Finish confirminput.php; rename do_update.php to do_update_acct.php
8:09 PM DataTable edited by bdubbs
4:14 PM DataTable edited by bdubbs
3:53 AM Changeset [5] by dubbs
Add javascript files to repository

Sep 27, 2007:

3:30 AM Changeset [4] by dubbs
Add back pfris2.php
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