Data Logging

  AnalysisID      int(11)
  InvestigatorID  int(11)    pointer to tblInvestigators entry
  AnalystID       int(11)    pointer to tblInvestigators entry      
  SubmitDate      datetime
  QueueEmail      text (could have multiple e-mail addresses separated by comma)

A pointer to CPUstats is not necessary here. The proper query is

SELECT * FROM TblCPUstats WHERE AnalysisID=xxx;

likewise a pointer to tblInput is unnecessary.

  CPUstatsID  int(11)
  AnalysisID  int(11)     pointer to TblAnalysis
  ClusterName text
  CPU_Number  int(11)
  Datapoints  int(11)
  walltime    float(7.2)  seconds
  cputime     float(7.2)  seconds
  resultsID   int(11)     pointer to results data ????? Is this desirable?

  add other data that is measured from the analysis job

  InputID     int(11)
  AnalysisID  int(11)   pointer to tblAnalysis
  cluster     text
  inputString text      contents of the file input
  inputType   enum('2DSA', '2DSA_MW', 'GA', 'GA_MW', 'other')

  other data not dependent on inputType

Note that there is some redundancy here in that inputString contains all the other data, but is not easily queried.

From this point there can be separate tables for each input type that contain type specific data.

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