OGCE Service for Ultrascan

This page provides information about OGCE services running on IU gateway hosting system(Quarry) for Ultrascan to submit jobs using GRAM5 on Queenbee and Ranger. We wrapped Ultrascan MPI application using Generic Factory Toolkit (GFAC). Tool provide power to wrap any command line application as a webservice. It takes care of creating instructions based on the job manager. For more information visit : OGCE Wiki. Ultrascan web application is calling GFAC using perl webservice client. Using ultrascan portal user can monitor and cancel the jobs from their GUI interface.

Service Information

All the OGCE services are running on ultrascan @ and deployed under ~/ogce-all-uscan. Given are the services and their scripts. Brief description of the service is added below along with the instructions on how to debug the service.

1. Generic Factory Toolkit (GFAC) : Component to take job request from perl client and submit job to Teragrid using Gram5. GFAC pushes all the notifications to Notification channel.

To verify service running click on service URL. If it returns a WSDL(Xml) file, the service is running.

2. Xregistry : Application registry to save your service descriptions. You can register number of hosts and application descriptions. If you already know that particular host have lot of host you can change the host name in request. Gfac will read that application information for that particular host and run them.

  • Startup Script :
  • Shutdown Script :
  • Log File : /home/ultrascan/ogce-all-uscan/xregistry/target/dist-bin/xregistry.log
  • Service URL :

To verify service running click on service URL. If it returns a WSDL(Xml) file we are good.

3. Job Monitoring : Service subscribes to Notification channel to get job status and saves that status into the Mysql database. Mysql database name is exp_notification on gw33.

  • Startup Script :
  • Shutdown Script :
  • Log File : /home/ultrascan/ogce-all-uscan/NotificationClient/notification.log & notificationlog.log

Look into log files for errors.

4. Cancel Gram job : To cancel submitted job to teragrid using GRAM5. Currently this client depends on Job Monitoring service to be running to enter the job id into database and it query from that to get GRAM job id. This was not possible with previous versions of GRAM using COG.

This page should have CancelJob? service deployed.

5. OGCE portal(optional) : This is to register services, applications and hosts to xegistry using xregistryinterface gadget.

Note : All the Https service URL's will ask you to get certificate in your browser. Its safe to do that.

I will add execution diagram and other information on other page.

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