AUC 2012 / Accessing Google Docs content

Dear Colleagues:

We have posted the AUC2012 schedule online under Google docs so everyone can update and edit it. Your help in modifying it as you see fit would be much appreciated. Below is some documentation that will help you get online.

  • To facilitate collaborative editing, we have chosen to use Google Docs
  • Why Google Docs?
    • It allows us to all edit the documents simultaneously
    • No emailing of versions and "passing the baton" needed
    • It seems to work
    • The editor functions are similar to "Word" or "OpenOffice"
    • We are not aware of any better alternative
  • Google Docs requires a login
    • You can register your own email address (walk-through here)
    • If you already have a google account and it has a different email address, send us your google email address so we can share the documents with you
  • Let us know if you have any issues.
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